Defcon 23



As promised during the closing ceremonies, the DC23 NOC review slides + stats
can be found here

Thanks everyone! See you at DEF CON 24!

It seems like there is a number of Android devices that have issues validating
the server certificate for 802.1x authentication.

We did some research and it seems like it is a common issue with different
Android OS and hardware flavors. We can’t put our finger on it but it seems like
it is the native 802.1x supplicant within Android.

There are 3rd party supplicants but at this point this is not one that we can

We do not encourage anyone to connect to the ESSID “DefCon” without validating
the server certificate.

As for the steps to correctly configure it:

  • go to
  • download the DigiCert Root Certificate
  • create your credentials on
  • some flavors of Android automatically understand it’s a cert and will prompt
    you for install, choose this cert to be used on WiFi (and not VPN and Apps)
  • go to wifi configuration
  • add new network
  • ESSID: DefCon
  • 802.1x Enterprise
  • PEAP
  • Identify: enter username you created on wifireg
  • Password: enter password you created on wifireg

The configuration above is pretty much the same for any other devices out there.

Any further updates on this matter will be posted here.

howdy! We are here, new venue(s) and working full speed for the past two days
already to get everything up and running.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the services coming up either here
and/or on twitter @defcon_noc