Defcon 19



All your torrents are belong to us...


Network utilization currently at 94% (on inbound).

For the mathematically challenged, that's 94Mb (we have a 100Mb circuit).

Outbound is running about 20Mb (probably torrents seeding).


9:30p - the day is largely over (other than parties at this point).

Not much bandwidth consumed today - a few spikes, but generally hovered around

DCTV seems generally well-received. The feeds from the cameras don't mix
speaker & slides so we had to pick one feed to broadcast. We're already talking
about major upgrades next year - but since this is the first time since the AP
we've been able to do this, we got a lot of ideas for making DC20 a major

Oh, and we got our first hate-mail today! So sad that the world is full of hate
like that. However, we got many more people who emailed in, or stopped us in
the halls, or tweeted us, thanking us for the network. Apparently many more
people knew how to use wifi. A number of people said it was much better than
over at Blackhat.

However, it's not about us -- thank YOU for coming, enjoying the conference,
getting out, participating, etc!

We found some guys who setup a rogue DHCP server. One of the contests,
actually. Running a rogue DHCP server off a hard-line that we can trace through
our switches easily? Not so smart. Extermination protocol Zeta-3 was triggered,
and successful.

If you're doing anything cool with IPv6 here - let us know! (noc at
defconetworking dot org).

Enjoy the parties tonight - be safe, have fun!

Carry-over from last year - iOS (Apple) products have issues on the wifi.

The work-around is here

A reminder that there is a Blood Drive tomorrow afternoon. You can give
specifically to help out Barkode (Matt Lewis), or to donate in general.

Priest commands you...!

#DefCon Mobile Edition v2.0 for DC19 is LIVE! Check out
from your mobile phone for speakers, events, and contest info!

(many thanks to t3ase for staying up late much of the last week putting the
final touches on the new site!)

Just in case we run out of bandwidth, we have a backup! :)


"DefConSecure" is ready for use, although we still have some AP's to deploy once
rooms are turned over to us. However, if you're looking to get prepared for
DefCon, get your login setup from home (or other network you "trust'). Go to and reserve your login.

First post! ZOMFG! l33t!

This post is officially made from the DefCon 19 Network!

The core is up and working. A couple IDF's still have to be patched. Wall
ports & floor jacks are mostly patched by the hotel, just need to be patched
panel-to-switch in the IDF's. The last of the AP's are being provisioned right
now by Luiz & Erick (he's new this year, say hi to him!). The NOC is up &

What's really most exciting for us right now is that we are at least 36 hrs
ahead of schedule right now! Some of the IT guys were around and, even though
they didn't expect us to be working setup today, stuck around and helped us get
stuff done! I think we may owe them a beer or two.

Public wireless will come online throughout this week; the Hotel has to hang
AP's as space is available in all the conventions spaces - Right now there's the
CHART group (Council of Hotel and Restaurant
Trainers) and EVO 2011 (a gaming con) in here.
The gamers are very DefCon-esque: They were stealing chairs from the CHART
rooms, a train of gamers carrying charts across hallways.

We have arrived and unpacked. With hotel staff on-site & able to help us today,
we expect to have the "core" network up today and the NOC fully functional.
Well ahead of schedule!


Well, for us, tomorrow begins the madness! Mac & I caravan up from San Diego
tomorrow, with most everyone else on Sunday.

Some gear's been shipped. Most the rest is coming up in my truck. Got enough
cabling to LAN-ify the workshops per requests. WiFi's working, core gear's
setup & working. Need to finish up some stuff on the Mobile Edition agenda-app,
but it's nearly done. It's going to be a great year at the Rio!

Got the last of the video encoders today - this to make sure DefCon TV will
over-flow into your hotel rooms across 5 channels!


The DefCon 19 Network will offer IPv6 on all networks. We're going to be
running dual-stack v4/v6.


What will you do with v6?

DefCon Mobile Edition v2.0 (DCMEv2). T3ase has been hard at work, re-doing the
front-end for the Mobile Edition web-app, taking feedback from last year,
ensuring better multi-device compatibility, etc. He seems to be really proud of
it, but hasn't let anyone see it yet - should I be worried? :)

Less than 3 weeks til the DCNET crew heads to Vegas. We're planning a full test
of network gear this weekend, doing our best to make sure we've got everything
as done-as-possible prior to being on-site. Since it's a new year, new hotel,
we're trying to be prepared against the unexpected.

We have most everyone's network requirements on our list at this point. Contest
area may be our biggest challenge - I think we have requests for more drops than
we have wall jacks in that room. That's what switches are for :)

Looking to pre-gen user credentials for the WiFi this year and hand them out
with badges. Would you rather have pre-gen'd creds, or sign up for your own?
I've posted the question over on the DC19 Network
on the Forums.

Everything is coming together, as it always does. Not looking forward to the
Vegas heat. However, the World Carnival Buffet might be worth it ;)

Four more weeks and the Goons head off to Vegas to start DefCon setup. New
hotel, new challenges, but we think it'll all pay off!

Our aim is to have all the core network gear fully tested, end-to-end, in a
couple weeks. The goal is to arrive in Vegas and all we have to do is supply
power and start patching jacks! (Let's hope I didn't just jinx it)

We first announced this publicly at DC4420 (London)(@DC4420) last month - but
we're going to bring IPv6 to the DefCon network this year. Don't worry, we
didn't run out of IPv4 addresses. But seriously, who better than DEFCON to
bring you an IPv6 sandbox to play in?! Not everyone has some big lab with toys
to play with. DefCon is YOUR lab! Come see what you can do with v6!

DCTV is going to be HOT this year! As many of you may know, we're teaming up
with HackerNewsNetwork (@ThisIsHNN) to provide production facilities and on-air
broadcasting. Look for a "Good Morning DefCon!" (@GMDefcon) show every morning
before talks kick off, and also on-air interviews and Q&A with speakers, contest
owners, and random DefCon attendees (maybe YOU!). Better than ever, we're going
to make it HUGE this year!

You-know-who will be meeting at you-know-where you-know-when to talk about

It's going to be an exciting year! Lots planned!

But you knew that!

Happy New Year to everyone! Happy Binary Day (010111)!

Official DC19 Network thread started over at the forums: [

Also interested in ideas for how to use the TV Channels for DCTV. We've got 5
channels which we can pump into the hotel rooms via CATV.

Get on the forums, get us idea on how to rock the Rio this year!