Less than 3 weeks til the DCNET crew heads to Vegas. We're planning a full test
of network gear this weekend, doing our best to make sure we've got everything
as done-as-possible prior to being on-site. Since it's a new year, new hotel,
we're trying to be prepared against the unexpected.

We have most everyone's network requirements on our list at this point. Contest
area may be our biggest challenge - I think we have requests for more drops than
we have wall jacks in that room. That's what switches are for :)

Looking to pre-gen user credentials for the WiFi this year and hand them out
with badges. Would you rather have pre-gen'd creds, or sign up for your own?
I've posted the question over on the DC19 Network
on the Forums.

Everything is coming together, as it always does. Not looking forward to the
Vegas heat. However, the World Carnival Buffet might be worth it ;)