Here's your Saturday morning update... wait, it's Saturday already?!

Wireless is working well again - we think we have a hold on the rebooting AP's.
We are curious if the ninja badges are interfering with wifi (or is our wifi
interferring with the badges? The badges have the ninjas; does that make
DefCon's wifi the pirates?! FIGHT!)

Wired network (speakers, press, staff) - 5x5. Someone asked for a 30'ft
cross-over cable today. Welcome to DefCon.

Our ISP (Sparkplug) called us last night -- "Oh hey, we went ahead & opened your
line up to 100Mb - use it!" - so please, for the sake of the children, use the
net! :) (kick-ass of them to do that, btw!!)

Somehow some of us got some sleep last night - not sure how we did that, but
there it is.

We've seen that, roughly, 50% of the wifi users are on secure wifi. We'd be
curious for any feedback on how things are going out there - email us (noc at
defconnetworking dot org, or @TheLockheed on Twitter).

The irony is that in the DefCon NOC - we have low wifi coverage.

Enjoy your Saturday! Get out, see the talks, make some friends, talk to people.
DefCon is an amazing experience, get the most out of it that you can!! Here's a
quote from a DefCon Virgin this year, "This really is the best experience I've
had in my life. And I'm being very literal. Thank you for your help and

Have some bandwidth & users graphs...