Planning has begun! We had our first face-to-face meeting a couple weeks ago in
a Very Cold Place. Many of us will be attending Layer One in Pasadena, CA, in
May-- so we'll have another face-to-face there and should be thru 40-50% of our
planning at that point.

DCTV will be in full effect. Derek has some ideas--which could be quite killer.

Last year we did the Table of Doom (the official network-capture opportunity). I
think I'd like to re-name it. So send me suggestions as to what to call it.
We'll again allow 8-10 slots for people to come setup their capture kit.

I can't believe how much bandwidth we had last year - AND YOU USED IT! It's like
none of you have seen real broadband before--oh wait, most of us are from the US
where the idea of broadband sucks :) Well we had lots of it last year and should
have, again, plenty this year.

Questions or ideas, drop us a line: noc [-at-]

Maybe some day I'll transform this into something of a more modern website.