effffn and DEF CON would like to thank all the hard work and planning of our
rockstar NOC team, they put a lot of work in so you guys can enjoy many aspects
of the con.

As usual, by the time you're reading this, months of planning happened and crazy
few days of execution on site have been lived to cover everything we do for the
con, especially now with multiple venues. We strive to attend requests from
mostly all departments of the con, from vendors, speakers, press, contests, DC
TV, workshops, infobooth and so on.

mac, #sparky, CRV, c0mmiebstrd, c7five, Jon2, deadication, musa, wish and
johntitor sacrificed a great portion of their DEF CON experience to making sure
everything breaks the right way (so we know how to fix it ASAP). If you happen
to run into any of them anytime in the future, please make sure you thank them
and possibly buy them an orange whip.

The entire NOC team would like to thank the Caesar’s IT and Encore teams for the
tireless support in making it all a bit easier for us.