effffn and DEF CON would like to thank the hard work of the NOC team,
not only for the long demanding week in hot Las Vegas but also the
months of planning prior to the con.

There is quite a bit of preparation in every single aspect you can
imagine on how to get all the network and internet requests to all of
the vendors, speakers, press, contests, attendees and also those
convenient DC TV channels for that late morning hangover cure in the
convenience of your hotel room.

It has been said before, and we will say it again: mac, videoman,
#sparky, booger, naifx, arh@wk, nocit, CRV, c0mmiebstrd, serif and
c7five dedicated a great portion of their DEF CON experience to making
sure everything breaks (and if it does, to fix it). So, yeah If you
run into any of them, please make sure you buy them a beverage, that
would be great, mmmk.

AND, the NOC team would like to thank the Caesar’s IT and Encore for
the tireless support in making it all happen.