Friday the 13th.

DEF CON is sneaking up on us.

The NOC team heads to Vegas in a week. Seriously, already?!

We've rebuilt some of the infrastructure on new equipment this year. Kept a lot
of things the same - it's going to be a BIG year for DEF CON, so we want to do
all we can to make sure everything works the first time!

Once we get on-site, get the core infrastructure up, we'll let you know that
we're opening up wifi login registration.

(ok, you happy @SteveL_UK? :).

We're starting with 100Mb to the Internet - with another 100Mb on stand-by.

We've also got some new guys on the team this year; we'll see if they (or their
livers) survive!

Hit us us via email, or me via twitter (@TheLockheed) with questions.