First post! ZOMFG! l33t!

This post is officially made from the DefCon 19 Network!

The core is up and working. A couple IDF's still have to be patched. Wall
ports & floor jacks are mostly patched by the hotel, just need to be patched
panel-to-switch in the IDF's. The last of the AP's are being provisioned right
now by Luiz & Erick (he's new this year, say hi to him!). The NOC is up &

What's really most exciting for us right now is that we are at least 36 hrs
ahead of schedule right now! Some of the IT guys were around and, even though
they didn't expect us to be working setup today, stuck around and helped us get
stuff done! I think we may owe them a beer or two.

Public wireless will come online throughout this week; the Hotel has to hang
AP's as space is available in all the conventions spaces - Right now there's the
CHART group (Council of Hotel and Restaurant
Trainers) and EVO 2011 (a gaming con) in here.
The gamers are very DefCon-esque: They were stealing chairs from the CHART
rooms, a train of gamers carrying charts across hallways.