Four more weeks and the Goons head off to Vegas to start DefCon setup. New
hotel, new challenges, but we think it'll all pay off!

Our aim is to have all the core network gear fully tested, end-to-end, in a
couple weeks. The goal is to arrive in Vegas and all we have to do is supply
power and start patching jacks! (Let's hope I didn't just jinx it)

We first announced this publicly at DC4420 (London)(@DC4420) last month - but
we're going to bring IPv6 to the DefCon network this year. Don't worry, we
didn't run out of IPv4 addresses. But seriously, who better than DEFCON to
bring you an IPv6 sandbox to play in?! Not everyone has some big lab with toys
to play with. DefCon is YOUR lab! Come see what you can do with v6!

DCTV is going to be HOT this year! As many of you may know, we're teaming up
with HackerNewsNetwork (@ThisIsHNN) to provide production facilities and on-air
broadcasting. Look for a "Good Morning DefCon!" (@GMDefcon) show every morning
before talks kick off, and also on-air interviews and Q&A with speakers, contest
owners, and random DefCon attendees (maybe YOU!). Better than ever, we're going
to make it HUGE this year!