9:30p - the day is largely over (other than parties at this point).

Not much bandwidth consumed today - a few spikes, but generally hovered around

DCTV seems generally well-received. The feeds from the cameras don't mix
speaker & slides so we had to pick one feed to broadcast. We're already talking
about major upgrades next year - but since this is the first time since the AP
we've been able to do this, we got a lot of ideas for making DC20 a major

Oh, and we got our first hate-mail today! So sad that the world is full of hate
like that. However, we got many more people who emailed in, or stopped us in
the halls, or tweeted us, thanking us for the network. Apparently many more
people knew how to use wifi. A number of people said it was much better than
over at Blackhat.

However, it's not about us -- thank YOU for coming, enjoying the conference,
getting out, participating, etc!

We found some guys who setup a rogue DHCP server. One of the contests,
actually. Running a rogue DHCP server off a hard-line that we can trace through
our switches easily? Not so smart. Extermination protocol Zeta-3 was triggered,
and successful.

If you're doing anything cool with IPv6 here - let us know! (noc at
defconetworking dot org).

Enjoy the parties tonight - be safe, have fun!