Thank you EVERYONE who made Def Con 18 so successful - which is every one of
you! Speakers, staff, press, contest & event organizers, and just as
importantly the attendees! This was the best con I've personally had in years!

I'm still unpacking a little, but wanted to get the NOC Team's closing slides up
(I added a few more stats that effffn had sent over to me) so you now have the
complete set. They are posted here [PDF,

We'd be VERY interested in any feedback you have on the DefCon Mobile Edition
web-app we wrote this year. Compliments or complaints-- please, let us know if
it was even worth doing, what we could do better, etc. We want to wrangle
together app writers (inside & outside of staff) so we can make all the DefCon
apps better for you. So give us your feedback! (noc -at- defconnetworking d0t

We've already started planning discussions for the DC19 Network at the Rio! See
you all there!