Pardon the lack of updates this year. It's been crazy-hectic, but we have been
working behind the scenes doing our things, in spite of the lack of

Derek has something pretty kick-ass lined up for letting you show your pretty
face on DefCon TV this year. "DefCon Idol"? No no. We know you can't sing, nor
would we ask you do. But be on the look out for something with a big green

Some people are excited that we're going to be talking about the Network this
year. Thurs nite at 1600, we'll be holding the "DefCon Networking Session" -
we'll be around for a couple hours so we can chat & talk with you about the
DefCon Network. We'll lay out some history of where we started, how we got to
where we're out, but MOST importantly, interact with you on your thoughts about
the network. We'll show you our designs and layouts - this is your chance to
participate and provide feedback. I should note not to expect changes from this
session to show up this year - we'll already be done by the time this talk
happens, but we're interested in how you think things can be approved (balancing
security, functionality, and budget--oh, wait, don't have one of those,

As a pre-cursor, Lock will be giving 5 mins on the DefCon Network at the
DefCon101 talk earlier Thursday afternoon.

The Table of Doom! I've been so busy I haven't opened registration! My bad,
sorry guys. If you want in on this massive data dump of the DefCon network, drop
me email [] and ask for a spot. I have 8 spots, 2
already spoken for. Plan on bringing 1-2TB of disk for capture.

Finally - we're working on a visual re-vamp for the site here. I'll own up, I
threw this together in stock-HTML one afternoon a few years ago. I was hoping to
have it done by now, but matters of state have kept me away from doing updates.
But check back soon!

We've gotten our copy submitted for the program. We have our rooms lined-up.
We're starting to pack up the pelican cases for shipping. We're making the final
network layout plans now. Yup, I love the smell of DefCon in the air (slightly
sweeter than naplam, but just a deadly!)

See ya'll in a couple weeks!