Just kidding, DEF CON is cancelled.

We are working hard to make sure everything is ready for the conference when it

A bunch of things are ready though. For example, you can sign-up for the
802.1x/WPA2 WiFi at https://wifireg.defcon.org before you head
to Caesars.

Detailed instructions are provided there, but the short is: create your
credentials (don't use the same as in important stuff!); download and install
the digital certificate (or configuration profile for Apple devices).

Setup your device to REQUIRE server validation and don't accept ANY certificates
provided when you connect. Don't make security insecure.

DCTV this year is available at the con-hotel with 5 channels being broadcasted,
and 4 channels being broadcasted to Paris and Ballys.

That is it for now, updates will be provided here and also on Twitter

Have a great DEF CON 25, and don't forget to shower.