Archive - 2010-08



Great story about DC18 from National Geographic!


Thank you EVERYONE who made Def Con 18 so successful - which is every one of
you! Speakers, staff, press, contest & event organizers, and just as
importantly the attendees! This was the best con I've personally had in years!

I'm still unpacking a little, but wanted to get the NOC Team's closing slides up
(I added a few more stats that effffn had sent over to me) so you now have the
complete set. They are posted here [PDF,

We'd be VERY interested in any feedback you have on the DefCon Mobile Edition
web-app we wrote this year. Compliments or complaints-- please, let us know if
it was even worth doing, what we could do better, etc. We want to wrangle
together app writers (inside & outside of staff) so we can make all the DefCon
apps better for you. So give us your feedback! (noc -at- defconnetworking d0t

We've already started planning discussions for the DC19 Network at the Rio! See
you all there!

Good MORNING! Yes, Sunday Morning... which most people sleep through due to the
events of Saturday night. Here at DefConNetworking, we understand. Ugh, we

But last night was awesome - the Ninja's threw a blow-out party - it was
awesome! Many thanks to Barkode & all the Ninja Networks guys for taking care
of people. I was really pleased to see a number of DefCon newbies at the party,
too. They were having a blast, and I would say it was a huge success.

But back to the network - things have been humming away. We've heard some
people still having a hard time keeping stable wifi connections - we'll keep
working on that. It's an issue that some devices/OS's have, having a hard time
deciding which AP to connect to, because they were so many around. We
understand it's frustrating and we'll see if we can work on that for next year.
It's a balance between coverage and capacity (clients/AP).

Meanwhile, we've peaked bandwidth at 60Mb yesterday morning (5-min average), and
even hit 54Mb this morning! Perhaps people are grabbing all the torrents they
can while they can?

We're glad to see a higher simultaneous client attach rate this year - up almost
40% over last year. We'll gather more facts/stats for the closing ceremonies
and post those afterwards.

Enjoy your Sunday!