Archive - 2010-06



DefCon18 - 40 days away.

Bandwidth contract has been signed. Let's just say, between you & mean, that
it's unprecedented bandwidth (WRT DefCon).

We have a lot going on this year, preparing for your use & pleasure. Let me
catch you up...

We're planning on having a 'secure' segment of the wireless this year. Designed
so you can get on and be (as sure as possible) that no one's sniffing your
traffic and you won't get jacked up.

We know 3G is getting saturated, so you need to feel OK putting your phone or
device on the net just to get to the Internet (and yes, more bandwidth for
everyone!)(How much more? waiting on pricing so we can determine).
WPA2-Enterprise with unique user/pass for everyone will secure the wireless, and
then a dedicated hard (not virtual) trunk straight to the firewall & out.
Interactions between clients will be prohibited on that network.

DefConTV - a new & revised streaming system, with multiple channels. The DefCon
Confessional box will be back, and we'll stream the videos we get from there
(well, some of them :). As well we'll stream the DJ's at the direction of DJ
Great Scott at the parties.

We did promise to dig up the firewall configs & post them for peer-review &
feedback. It seems that /someone/ didn't archive them properly, so he's having
to go dig up the servers out of storage to pull them off the box. :)

Looking to be a good year!